Waiting and dealing

While I wait to get into the I-Match Program I have to have something to keep me going and keep the pain off my back. So I went to see Dr. Easley yet again today. I called his office at eight and got an appointment for ten, which was impressive. We talked about options. The only thing I could think of to do was go back on MS Contin (morphine) again, which didn’t thrill me, since it made me so tired all the time before. Dr. Easley suggested Fentanyl patches instead. So I’ll try that.

For today I got another Demerol shot — my third in the past week. I had to go the hospital next door to Dr. Easley’s office to get it. In the outpatient room, while I was waiting my turn with all the people hooked up to IVs, I struck up a conversation with the woman next to me and somehow within two minutes we were talking about breast implants and porn stars and for once this was not entirely my fault. We talked for about ten minutes and by the end I was jabbering on about the early life of Joseph Stalin. Didja know, he was a weatherman (his only real job), and a bank robber?

I found this message board where people who had been in I-Match praised it, which makes me hopeful.

Well, this is it

I think I will just have to go into that three-week pain management program for my headache. I have resigned myself. I will call them at nine; I think that’s when they open. The pain’s got really bad and just won’t go away. The night before last I was screaming. It’s just like it was in October. I’ve had two Demerol shots this week and the doctor was like, “You again. Always coming back and asking for the same thing.” 50 mg of Demerol doesn’t cut it anymore. I need 75 mg. And of course it doesn’t last.

It’s hard to explain the pain. It’s usually not as extreme as last night — not like “slammed a door on your finger” kind of pain. But it’s bad, and worse, it’s relentless. It NEVER LEAVES. It just taints every thing I do and saps my energy and makes it so hard to concentrate on anything. I often function at half-capacity, or less, because the other half is preoccupied with the Headache.

I really didn’t want to do this pain management thing because it’s so expensive and it’s three weeks long. But it may save time and money in the long run.

I just hope their waiting list isn’t too long.

Daniel Morcombe maybe found

They’ve found three human bones in the Queensland forest where they think Daniel Morcombe was buried. Also they found shoes, of the same brand Daniel was wearing when he disappeared. But it will take DNA tests to prove the remains are his, and those might take weeks.

I hope it’s him. I’d be very surprised if it wasn’t.

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