The NCMEC works in mysterious ways

I was going over the NCMEC site, looking through their databases again for any new cases, etc., that I might have missed, and am struck again by how arbitrary their classifications are.

In “endangered missing” they have many cases that were formerly classified as runaways and many that are definite family abductions. They also have several that should be in the lost/injured missing category, while none of the four people that are actually in that category ought to be there. Aundria Bowman is thought to have run away from her group home, Shanta Johnson and Hasanni Campbell were probably murdered by their foster parents, and Marti Hetzell is an adult missing who might have just left on his own.


Another Oceanic murder-without-a-body case

A 49-year-old man from Auckland, New Zealand has been arrested and charged with the murder of Sara Niethe, who disappeared in March 2003 at the age of 32. As per the custom down there, the suspect hasn’t been identified by name. Sara went missing on her son’s tenth birthday — ouch. No word on where, or whether, they’re looking for the body.

The New Zealand Herald
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