Daniel Morcombe murder charge

A person known to the media only as Person of Interest Seven, or P7, has been charged with the kidnap, molestation and murder of thirteen-year-old Daniel Morcombe, who’s been missing from Australia since December 2003. Daniel’s case is very famous in his home country. He was an adorable boy, very photogenic. He disappeared while waiting for a bus to go Christmas shopping downtown. The suspect is a 41-year-old former truck driver.

Daniel’s parents have both said they’re happy a breakthrough was made, but very sad that it looks like their son is dead. They hope they can recover his body.

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You know I could have had another Charley update done by now

…but no, I chose to spend the entire night looking at blogs including Cute Things in Paint, WTF Forever 21 and Zooborns. (Oh, and at Executed Today, where I have a new guest entry today. The Headsman edits my entries a bit, always to their benefit. Check it out, peeps!)

The missing people were neglected, but I did squeal and laugh a lot. A girl’s gotta have fun. But then I look at the long list of cases to add/update and feel guilty.