Heard from one of Mary Moroney’s relatives

I was going to blog about this earlier but I forgot: I heard from a distant relative of Mary Agnes Moroney a few days ago. She said the picture I currently have posted on Charley is NOT a picture of Mary Moroney, but rather one of Mary McClelland. McClelland believed she was Mary Moroney and had a well-publicized “reunion” with the Moroney family in the 1950s, but according to the relative, recent DNA tests have determined that she wasn’t really the missing baby.

The picture thing put me in a bit of a conundrum, since I’m not supposed to have Charley Project casefiles with no picture on them. I decided to leave it up for now, because the relative promises to send me pictures of the real Mary, and one baby looks much like any other.

The relative is trying to get the press interested in Mary’s case again — all press coverage pretty much stopped in 1952, when the case was “solved” with Mary McClelland’s appearance. I think it would be a great human interest news story. It’s solvable I think, even at this late date. There’s no indication that Mary Moroney came to harm and every possibility that she’s still alive. She would be 81 today, but plenty of women live to be that old. My grandma was 87 when she died.

10 thoughts on “Heard from one of Mary Moroney’s relatives

  1. Kat August 6, 2011 / 7:12 pm

    I agree that is quite a mess picture wise, but I would think the value of an old case would sort of speak for itself no matter what pic was up there. There were so few reported cases around then. BTW, my Grandma is 93. Her sister, my Teti, is going to be 99 in early Sept. My step-grandmother is 93 or 94, I can’t remember if she was born in 1917 or18. So yes, us girls can kick butt well into a few more decades!!! Ha! Also, did you hear about the 1946 unidentified they just solved? I saw a brief on MSN. Betty something. I can’t remember. My memory is bad right now.

  2. Jaime August 7, 2011 / 8:23 am

    My great grandmothers lived to 87,89, and 104. The case you mention is that of Betty Walvern. I hope Mary’s family can get more media attention and find her.

    • Kat August 7, 2011 / 9:06 am

      Thank you, Jamie. I only read the brief on MSN in the morning. I knew it was something like that. I don’t think she was on here, either. I too hope there will be some resolution, though not the kind the Dunbar case got…..that was heartbreaking after the DNA came back for them.

      • Jaime August 7, 2011 / 3:00 pm

        I wish that NAMUS would have a psa campaign. There must be so many more families out there that have endured what the Walverns and Moroneys have endured. So many of those families have no idea that NAMUS even exists a psa would be invaluable. There was a grandaughter or great grandaughter in Oklahoma recently that is trying to get her dna and other family members dna uploaded into NAMUS. Her grandfahter went missing in 1902 after riding off on his horse. She said that she is hoping for resolution. Oklahoma is conducting a campaign right now to try and upload all the dna profiles of every John and Jane Doe in the state to try and get them identified. So far they have identified more then 12. One of them was Billy Lee Tillery.

  3. Kat August 7, 2011 / 9:08 am

    Oh, and at least Mary’s family still cares enough to be involved this many years later…..I wish them the best of luck.

    • Kat August 7, 2011 / 8:38 pm

      Woooooooooooooow. That is for sure insane as circumstances go, this late in the game. It’s sad no one was ever brought to trial, but how would that happen with an unidentified body? Or one never found for that matter. I’m just glad she WAS id’ed and all. What a relief for the family…finally.

  4. Donald D. Moroney August 6, 2012 / 2:03 pm

    My name is Don Moroney. Mary Agnes is my aunt. I am and will always look for clues. Yes we do still care. You can contact me with any questions.

    • Meaghan August 6, 2012 / 3:12 pm

      Do you have any pictures of her?

    • Patrick Kerrigan September 10, 2014 / 5:38 pm

      Mr. Moroney, I have been researching the disappearance of your aunt. I have heard that supposedly a movie was made of the incident, I was wondering if you have any information about this movie. Also that the original Chicago Police Department case file is missing. Most likely one of the detectives assigned to the case took it.

      I also am planning to track down some old Chicago Daily News papers. Supposedly the article that led to her kidnapping was posted in a column in that newspaper. I have read the various articles in the Chicago Tribune.

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