Batman returns

A year ago, almost to the day, a bat woke me up while I was napping on the living room couch. Well, just now I was walking barefoot through the kitchen in the dark and opened the fridge, which threw out enough light to illuminate a bat on the floor like six inches away from me. I started and wound up kicking over a bag of clothes that was sitting on the floor (I’d been doing laundry). I picked up the bag…and underneath it was another bat, which thankfully had not been squished.

I did what I had done last year — wrapped my hand around a dish towel and picked them up and took pictures with my cell phone camera. I took the towel outside and spread it out on the ground, but the bats didn’t seem anxious to go anywhere, so I had to go inside, get a second towel and use it to cover my hand while I pried them off the first towel. Finally they spread their wings out and presumably flew away.

See this picture of them both. I messed with the contrast so they show up clearly; the original image shows two angular dark smudges. They appear to be the same species as last year. And if I found two sitting side by side in the kitchen, chances are there are more in the house.

I must tell my mother. The county has actually hired her to keep track of the local bat population. I guess they want to cut down some trees, but if those trees are inhabited by a certain protected species of bat than they won’t be allowed to cut them down. So Mom is on a fact-finding mission: she’s supposed to sit under the trees all night, awake, and count all the bats she sees for a few nights in a row. They’re paying her like $28 an hour for this!