Two MPs found deceased

A body found last July in New York City has been identified as Crystal Gray, age 20, who disappeared that same month from Syracuse, New York. Her family didn’t report her missing until January of this year. The cause of death is listed as undetermined, but it was probably a homicide, since the body was burned. The police aren’t releasing much beyond that.

Meanwhile, skeletal remains found in 2009 have been identified as Alexander Vasquez, a 21-year-old who vanished from Houston, Texas in 2002. The Houston Chronicle did some articles about how the police had gotten a federal grant and were trying to identify 400 John and Jane Does. Alexander’s mom read the article and contacted the cops about her son. She provided dental records and they matched. The police hadn’t had much to go on before as far as identifying that particular body; they had listed the UID as between 25 and 45 years old, of unknown race and sex. His mom says she had long believed he was dead, but she’s glad she has confirmation at last. She plans to have Alexander buried in Colombia, where he was born.