More details about Lula Cora Hood

Lula, who goes by her middle name, who disappeared in 1970, was found alive in Jacksonville, Florida last week. DNA testing has yet to confirm this but everyone is quite sure. When the cops interviewed her on the phone, Cora could “confirm facts about the family and life reasonably speaking no one else would have known.”

One of Cora’s daughters has called her on the phone and spoken to her. Cora actually didn’t remember this daughter at all — she’s had fourteen children, she had mental health issues throughout her adult life, and she’s 84 now, take your pick of reasons. But Cora wants to be reunited with her family and they want to be reunited with her.

Although Cora seems to have left of her own volition, it’s still not very often that you find an adult who’s been missing for this long — especially when their body was “identified” in 1998. They still don’t know whose body that was they found in the brickyard.

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