What a lovely family

Earlier I wrote that Arnold Aggas Sr. was charged with the 1989 murder of Kimberlie Kantonen. Well, I Googled his name and discovered that Arnold Jr. has been charged with attempted murder (he allegedly stabbed his roommate in the neck) and his daughter, 18-year-old Brittney Trifaro-Aggas, has been charged as an accessory to that crime and also for making false statements to the police.

Woman missing since 1970 apparently found alive

Earlier it was announced that a body found in a brickyard in Galesburg, Illinois, previously thought to be Lula Cora Hood, had been misidentified. The police are back at square one as far as identifying that body is concered.

Lula disappeared in August 1970. She had fourteen children and used a number of different names. According to one of her daughters, she was unable to care for her children due to a mental illness and all of them were placed for adoption.

An article from today says that the police “obtained information from the family” and they think they’ve found Lula alive. The DNA testing hasn’t been done yet, but they seem very sure. Very little information has been released about the woman thought to be Lula; she’s 84 years old, has health issues and is living in an undisclosed location out of state. I hope it’s her.