Keeping quiet for a bit

I haven’t updated in a few days and things are inevitably piling up. I suppose I’ll probably update tomorrow. I’ve just been sort of hanging out with my boyfriend and stuff. Yesterday was my dad’s birthday/Father’s Day/retirement party and the whole family showed up, even my cousins.

(It’s kind of funny because Dad is only retiring on paper. The university couldn’t find a replacement for him so he will in all likelihood be teaching courses in the fall as usual. I don’t understand it; I thought the world was full of out-of-work professors scrambling to find jobs. Is there anyone out there with a PhD in biology or a related field and would accept a tenure-track position in northwest Ohio, the armpit of the nation?)

In other news, I’m just about over my strep throat and I haven’t had a headache in weeks. I’m taking some new medicine that might be responsible for that, or they might have just inexplicably gone away like they have before. I think they’ll probably come back, but I’m enjoying myself while it lasts.