Arrest in Kimberlie Kantonen case

Arnold Aggas Sr. has been charged with murder in the 1989 disappearance of Kimberlie Kantonen, who was 20 and pregnant when she went missing from Hornbrook, California. (I used a graphics editor to blot out that dark spot on her lip.) Aggas is also facing some sex crimes charges from 2007. I can’t really find anything else about this and what his relationship to Kimberlie was. She was last seen at his house, but I don’t know if he was the father of her baby, or what.

One thought on “Arrest in Kimberlie Kantonen case

  1. Cindy June 25, 2011 / 2:44 pm

    In 1969 I was in my young teens and ran away with my then boyfriend. We hitchhiked to Huntington Beach to hunt grunion.
    Around 2 a.m. we decided to hitchhike back to his mother’s house. A yellow VW picked us up. Dan was told to sit in the front seat and I in the back. I noticed the man kept staring at me in the mirror and I felt very uncomfortable.
    The man began driving up Signal Hill. My boyfriend mentioned we were not heading in the right direction.
    Eventually, the man pulled over and began hitting my boyfriend. He pushed him out the door and took off with me in the back seat.

    Again the man pulled over and turned towards me. He was
    welding a knife and was choking me with the halter top strings I was wearing. I began kicking him and was able to escape. The man drove off, but returned driving what I believe to be a street sweeper. I hid in what little brush there was there at that time. Eventually my boyfriend showed up with a police officer.

    The man that abducted me was driving a yellow VW bug. He was black. Not sure of his age. When he was choking me I noticed the top of the VW was all cut up. Probably by a knife. Obviously he had access to a city vehicle, or one that worked that area. It looked to be a yellow orange color street sweeper. No cab at that time.

    I was not treated kindly by the police, being a runaway and all, and have never looked into my abduction until now, but have often wondered if there were others who disappeared or were murdered before or around that era. I pray not.

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