And…here goes nothing

A few days ago I had been wondering on this blog what sort of trial Doug and Valerie Herrman would have for defrauding the state of Adam’s benefits after he “ran away from home” in 1999. As far as I could see there was no defense to be had: they did it. They knew what they were doing when they did it. They knew it was illegal and wrong. They confessed, many times. What possible defense could they present?

Well, evidently Doug and Valerie reached the same conclusion I did, because they reached a plea agreement with prosecutors: guilty to felony theft. They will have to pay restitution of $15,488, the amount they pleaded guilty to stealing. The agreement recommends a sentence of a year of probation and a $2,500 fine for each of them, but the judge could go as high as five to fifteen months in prison and $100,000. I seriously hope the judge decides to exceed the recommendation. These two need to serve some serious time.

Of course, as the Wichita Eagle puts it, the unresolved question here is what happened to Adam.

Nobody’s buying that “ran away” crap, Doug, Valerie. Everyone knows what really happened. I don’t care what sort of behavior problems the child had: Adam Herrman did not deserve to die the way he did, he did not deserve to be denied a proper resting place and the people who truly love him do not deserve to sit in limbo wondering what happened and where his body lies. So fess up. You’re going down either way.

What did you do to that little boy?

5 thoughts on “And…here goes nothing

  1. Tracey Reitterer June 18, 2011 / 3:57 am

    See, THAT’S the kind of cases that make me wanna go postal. When you’re a “suspect” or “a person of interest” in a disappearance and have been charged and convicted with other crimes relating to the disappearance, I think you should be held indefinately, until you start talking about what you did with the body. (ies) Like this little boy. And the one I read the other night about Kiplyn Davis. The irrational part of me wants to visit these sub-human parents and those 5 punk pricks and exact alittle street justice, on behalf of Adam & Kiplyn’s families – and victims everywhere. In the Davis case, for 16 years now, they’ve made a mockery out of the justice system, bullshitting prosecutors around with their games, admitting involvement, then backpedaling over who’s really responsible, making deals with plea bargains, etc. In the end, they all get minimal time, or reduced sentencing – and yet, neither of these families have their loved ones back. How the hell did we ever get so far off track that we’ve allowed our “justice” system to turn against us, by giving more rights, mercy and compassion to violent offenders than we do the victims and the loved ones they leave behind???? I’m not going to go off on a rant again like I normally do, cuz I know it won’t do me any good or get me anywhere, but I will say this: If LE offered me the gun, bullets & immunity and told me to go to town on all violent offenders in this country, I’d glady keep busy until every last one of them were put down like the rabid animals they are. This country would be a safer place, victims & families would have justice and I’d sleep well at night. On a final note, Utah finally got it right this evening when they executed Ronnie Lee Gardner – 26 years too late, but dead none the less. One mistake though: they covered his face. They should have made him watch and pumped the rounds right between his eyes. My closing thoughts? “HALLELUJAH” – one less monster in this world!

  2. donna June 18, 2011 / 11:27 am

    They had Custody of him. Doug and Valerie are 100% percent Guilty in his Death. I’m tired of hearing about Plea Bargains, I am sick of offenders wasting our Tax money so they have 3 hots and a cot. I am tired of Children being abused and Murdered. I despise Casey Anthony, by the way, and hate that her Trial is front page/headline News fodder. Instead of commercials, why not feature missing children, since it seems like the whole Country is watching that Trial, what a better way to get the word out.

  3. Tracey Reitterer June 19, 2011 / 4:44 am

    That’s actually a great idea, Donna. I’m going to email a few people who are covering that trial and ask if that can be done this week. šŸ™‚

  4. amy June 19, 2011 / 8:06 am

    I understand justice and due process, especially in light of the fact that we are finding that in some cases justice hasn’t been served and the wrong people are incarcerated. With that said, no one but the Hermann’s “misplaced” Adam. Period/end. It is a travesty that we invest more time in prosecution than we do in attempting to identify the unidentified we do find. DNA may be costly, but it is a proven fact that it has helped identify more remains. Fund DNA samples on as many remains as possible an d send people home. While you’re at it, build a totally rat infested cell in which to put the Hermann’s in…and cover them with Cheese Whiz so the rats will do their tricks.

  5. Kat June 19, 2011 / 9:21 pm

    Agree with Donna 100%. Didn’t Cold Case or Without A Trace or something used to show a MP case at the end of each episode? And it shouldn’t be just Casey Anthony, it should be every case they show live. People watch this stuff. Even if it is one case a day, picture shown multiple times, you’d think that would generate some interest or tips. CourtTV should have a vested interest in this stuff.

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