No resolution yet in Giovanni Gonzalez and Pilar Rodriguez cases

The parental kidnapping charges against Ernesto Gonzalez have been dropped for lack of evidence. Ernesto’s five-year-old son, Giovanni, disappeared from Lynn, Massachusetts in 2008 and Ernesto later claimed he’d murdered him, but it’s far from clear what happened; the evidence the police found didn’t support the father’s confession. He was charged with child endangerment, but that was dropped last year. He’s still in jail for misleading the police, but it sounds like he might get bailed out now. The police and Giovanni’s mother hope very much that he’s still alive. He’d be eight years old now.

Meanwhile in Florida, the Melissa Cooper has refused a plea deal in the Pilar Rodriguez case. Melissa was Pilar’s babysitter and she and her boyfriend took Pilar with them on a vacation in 1999. Pilar, who was three, vanished and is presumed to have been murdered. Melissa and her boyfriend, Keith Wilson, have each accused each other of killing her. Last summer, Melissa was charged with aggravated manslaughter. Well, she had reached a plea deal with prosecutors, but changed her mind at quite literally the last minute. (The article doesn’t say what she was going to plea to. Is this confidential maybe?) So the case is back on the table. Keith Wilson has never been charged in Pilar’s disappearance.

One thought on “No resolution yet in Giovanni Gonzalez and Pilar Rodriguez cases

  1. Jeanette June 8, 2018 / 7:26 am

    I have information on this case (Pilar Rodriguez) and have had for years now. This is what I do and have done it very well. Call me psychic, medium, a person with a gift, a weirdo, whatever sounds best, but I am able to see into these cases and help.

    I contacted the cold case unit for Pilar’s case and spoke to the detectives assigned to the case back in 2009 and nothing happened, even though they were pretty stunned as to what I had to provide. When I have followed up throughout the years, they keep moving detectives around the unit and here we sit in 2018.

    Everyone wants the mystery of the missing resolved but the work is what doesn’t seem so appealing. Most people aren’t just found on the side of the road. Unfortunately, criminals go thru great lengths to hide bodies. That is just reality.

    I can only do my part, and that is I see what happens and get very specific details on the location, etc. Not everyone believes in this and that is fine, but the people that have been found with my visions have been right where I said they would be.

    If anyone out there truly believes, and has any ideas on how to move this case forward, that would be a blessing for the family that I am sure needs some kind of closure to this tragedy.
    I trust the right person will step forward in listening and taking the time to do what needs to be done, to listen to what I have to say and together be able to resolve this.

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