Well, this is completely asinine

I found this blog post about a woman named Brandy Hubbard, who reported her 21-year-old daughter Tiffany missing. Brandy acted all frantic, claimed no one had heard from Tiffany, no one knew where she was, this just wasn’t like her, etc., when she knew perfectly all along that Tiffany was with her boyfriend, whom Brandy didn’t approve of. She’d turned her cellular phone off because her mom kept calling her to yell at her about the boyfriend. (And my guess is, before she turned the phone off, Tiffany said something like “Stop calling me, Mom, I’m tired of this.”) Tiffany had even called in to work to take some time off so she could be with her boyfriend. She was never missing.

I found the case written about on the Examiner, as well as at WREG TV. It looks like the police had a pretty good idea that Mom was overreacting and Tiffany was probably with her boyfriend and just fine, but they still had to take the report, and then go call people trying to find her, etc., when they could have been doing many much more important things.

Way to go, Brandy Hubbard. Thanks for filing that false report. Thanks for denigrating all of the REAL cases of young women who are REALLY missing with ACTUALLY frantic families, not just hanging out with a guy their mom doesn’t approve of. That was none of your business, Brandy. Tiffany is an adult. Thanks for embarrassing her and probably causing permanent damage to your relationship, as well as wasting police time and causing unnecessary worry.

Murder charge in Barbara Johnson-Willard case

Fifteen years almost to the day since 29-year-old Barbara Johnson-Willard disappeared from Jay, Oklahoma and left her car behind with her blood and skin tissue in the trunk, the police have charged a suspect with her murder. They said they had fingerprints and DNA to implicate John Weeks, who worked alongside Barbara at a poultry processing plant. Apparently he’d been a suspect since early on in the investigation. He’s in prison out of state right now for unrelated crimes.

The Oklahoman (with a photo of Weeks)
Fox 23
The Columbus Republic


Several people have already asked me if Charley has, or will have, a Facebook page. The answer, unless I change my mind, is no: I have quite enough work to do, thanks. But it just occurs to me: would anyone be interested in Charley Project tweets? It would be much simpler and quicker than running a Facebook page. It would include stuff that catches my eye but that I don’t feel like writing a whole blog entry about.

On the other hand, according to Cracked, my favorite font of information, no one actually reads other people’s tweets.

So…you guys decide. Would setting up a Twitter account for Charley (I don’t have one of my own) be worth it?