Trying to identify bodies in Harris County, Texas

According to this article, the authorities in Harris County, Texas are renewing their efforts to identify some of the 400-odd John and Jane Does they have in their jurisdiction. One of the Does mentioned in the article was a victim of the serial killer Dean Corll, who preyed on teenage boys during the 1970s.

The county’s forensic anthropology director, Jennifer Love, dubbed “the Bone Detective,” has won a $180,957 grant from the National Institute of Justice that she will use to exhume 25 bodies in the next 18 months. Using money from the grant, she hired another forensic anthropologist, Deborrah Pinto, to comb through hundreds of cold case files for new clues to help decide whom to exhume.

They plan to collect DNA samples from the UIDs to help identify them. But, as the article points out: “in order to use any newly collected DNA samples to restore identities, forensic anthropologists also need new clues from the public.” They’re hoping family members might take note of the distinctive clothes some of the victims were wearing.

Good luck, is all I can say.

(Wow. Two UID posts in one day.)

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