Karen Mero’s father dies

The Redding Record-Searchlight has reported that Robert Neil Knechtel, father of Karen Knechtel Mero, died this past Monday. He was 67 years old and had been in poor health for some time, a fact he blamed in part on his daughter’s disappearance. Karen’s mother, Alice, is still alive.

Karen disappeared from McCloud, California in 1997, at the age of 27. Authorities think she may have been the victim of a serial killer. Wesley Howard Shermantine, who was convicted in four women’s presumed deaths (including two cases where the bodies were never found) and suspected in the disappearance of Hannah Zaccaglini (who also disappeared from McCloud in 1997), is the prime suspect in Karen’s disappearance as well.

2 thoughts on “Karen Mero’s father dies

  1. Tracey Reitterer May 28, 2011 / 7:16 pm

    Wesley Shermantine (& Loren Herzog) are prime examples of why I so strongly believe in the death penalty, Meaghan. The one guy, found guilty of 3 murders, can play with the courts for years on end, going from a death sentence, to 78 years in prison, down to 14 and then released back out on the street, after killing God only knows how many women. People like that are deemed to have all these rights under our constitution, while victims lives are ended at the whims of psycho criminals and victims families are forced to live un-ending nightmares for decades on end, without even the benefit of laying their loved ones to proper rest. People like that really need to be given 1 opportunity to talk and if they don’t give up the victims locations, they should be given a bullet in the head, plain & simple. Anything less is simply pathetic.

    • rolney1961 October 13, 2015 / 5:20 pm

      Tracey I agree with you. It’s a shame with the victims families go through.

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