More on Larry Hall

I wrote earlier about how Larry DeWayne Hall had confessed to the kidnap/murder of Laurie Depies. I thought his name sounded familiar, so I looked him up and found out he’d also confessed to kidnapping and killing Tricia Reitler. And I found this site, which links Hall to quite a few cases from Charley:

Aundria Michelle Bowman, 14, Michigan, 1989
Diana Jane Braungardt, 18, Missouri, 1987
Cynthia Louise Carmack, 16, Ohio, 1988
Debra Jean Cole, 12, Indiana, 1981
Janet Rose Dolgae, 28, Ohio, 1989
Shaylene Marie Farrell, 18, Ohio, 1994
Wendy Louise Felton, 16, Indiana, 1987
Julie Dalton Johnson, 29, Indiana, 1991
Tracy Marie Kroh, 17, Pennsylvania, 1989
Penny Dawn Lease, 23, Illinois, 1989
Donda Renae Martino, 32, Tennessee, 1994
Stacy Kathleen McCall, 18, Suzanne Streeter, 19, and Sherrill Levitt, 47, Missouri, 1991 (disappeared together)
Dean Marie Pyle Peters, 14, Michigan, 1981
Denise Diane Plfum, 18, Indiana, 1986
Kimberly Ann Thompson, 25, Illinois, 1986
Laura Lynn Thompson, 15, Pennsylvania, 1993
Paulette Webster, 19, Illinois, 1988

This looks to be pure supposition, though. I highly doubt Hall did all, or even most, of these cases. To begin with, two completely unrelated suspects have been charged in Laura Thompson’s presumed murder. And the prime suspect in Debra Cole’s case is her mother’s now-deceased boyfriend, who definitely raped and killed Debra’s sister later on.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Hall was responsible for a few on the list, though. He definitely is a sexual predator and a very dangerous man, and I bet the police have only scratched the proverbial iceberg when it comes to uncovering his crimes.

The site mentions a book. The local library has it. I’ll have to read it, if only to see if it has any additional information on some of those above-mentioned disappearances, many of which I don’t have much on.

4 thoughts on “More on Larry Hall

  1. Karen May 25, 2011 / 3:34 pm

    “In With the Devil” is ok, but a lot more about Larry Hall ( and his very weird family) and about undercover informant James Keene (and his very mixed up life).

    The victims are there, but not much.

  2. Donna May 26, 2011 / 4:16 pm

    A bone found last Friday on Devereaux Drive has been identified as the remains of a man who was reported missing in November 2005, according to Lt. Calvin Chew of the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office.

    The jawbone of Dannie Fishburne, who was 31 when he was reported missing, was turned over to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation and identified late Wednesday, Chew said.

    Fishburne, also known as Dannie Strock, was last seen walking in the 2800 block of Culverton Way near Belair and Wrightsboro roads about 6:30 p.m. Nov. 4, 2005.

    The Augusta Chronicle 05/26/2011

  3. melissa August 9, 2011 / 10:39 am

    Kimberly Ann Thompson was my Aunt. I have always wondered what happened. I was quite a bit older when my mom her sister Debra told me what she knew about this. My grandfather has passed now and my grandmother and her three sisters are the only ones left. My mother had showed me an article years ago that referred to Kimberly being a prostitute and an addict. Theses things were obviously true. She was also a daughter. A sister. A aunt. A human being does not deserve to be thrown away like a piece of rubbish. She was loved and loved others. I find it disturbing that no one knows anything and the family dosent know if she is alive or gone. If she is gone she deserves a proper burial so her family can say goodbye..

  4. chad smith March 31, 2019 / 10:27 am

    I recall back in 1993 while playing basketball at a local boys club on the southside of Indianapolis a little girl tugging on my shirt asking if her aunt or cousin could watch us play basketball, I said sure and then wow she is beautiful I said to the little girl. Later when Tricia ended up missing I’m not sure if she had family in Indianapolis area, The young lady I remember standing in the doorway watching us play looked exactly like the picture of Tricia in the blueish sweater, I recall her long brown curly hair, she was a very beautiful young lady.Just it sparked my memory was the sweater and also the fact where her clothes were found up in Marion laid in a pile with blood on them.
    My theory is Larry Hall wasn’t her killer, I believe someone playing basketball where she walked by killed her, It was said there was like 7 guys playing basketball at the time.If that was Tricia up in indianapolis watching me and my friends play basketball, It’s possible she stopped to watch these guys play basketball and one or a few of them decided to rape and kill her.This sounds like more than one attacker abducted her and raped and killer her, I don’t know if she had any family up in Indianapolis or if she had a half brother or sister with kids or even an older brother living in Indiana.I think those guys playing basketball know the guys who raped and killed her and buried her body someplace .I believe she was watching them play and then began to walk back to her dorm room, some of thsoe guys followed her asking her name, she blew them offand they got angry, she ran from them, they gave chase and tackled her and raped and killed her.

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