Matthew Albrecht found dead

A thighbone found last December has been identified as Matthew Albrecht, a 26-year-old who’d been missing from Mantako, Minnesota since April 2010. From this article:

When the bone was found, two different searches were launched in the Sleepy Hollow subdivision area — the first in early December of 2010 and the second on May 6, 2011. During the May 6th search, investigators found a pair of tennis shoes, which family members identified as Albrecht’s.

A thorough search of the immediate area where the shoes were found lead to the discovery of additional human bones, partial clothing remnants and a cell phone.

The death is under investigation. It could be an accident, suicide or homicide. It could also, I suppose, be natural causes, although I doubt it. I hope the police have found enough remains to at least establish a cause of death. If one of my loved ones died and the police couldn’t say how or why, I think that would make me feel all the worse.

Rest in peace, Matthew.

One thought on “Matthew Albrecht found dead

  1. Emily May 15, 2011 / 12:43 am

    I agree. To have no explanation would be worse I think. My heart breaks for parents whose kids are missing and they have no explanation, or if they have been presumed murdered and there is no body found.

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