Seven kids either dead or missing in Thunder Bay

I found this article telling the very sad story of seven students in Thunder Bay, Ontario, who all disappeared or were found dead — six of them attending the same school. All of the kids were Native American (I think Canadians call them First Nation) and came from remote reservations. They didn’t have suitable high schools close to home so they went away to attend school in Thunder Bay and board with local families. From article:

A provincial coroner’s inquest into the October 2007 drowning of 15-year-old Reggie Bushie, which was scheduled for June 2009, has been delayed indefinitely because of legal arguments. […] Since Bushie’s death, Kyle Morrisseau, the grandson of famed Ojibway artist Norval Morrisseau was found dead in the McIntyre River floodway, Wabasse disappeared, and three of the other teens were eventually found drowned in the waters that feed into Lake Superior.

Robyn Harper died of asphyxiation in an alleged alcohol-related death. She was the only one not found in water. It is unclear of the circumstances that lead up to the deaths of most of the teens.

Six of the dead natives were students at Dennis Franklin Cromarty High School, which is administered by the Northern Nishnawbe Education Council and funded by the federal government.

The paper also provides a list of the missing/dead kids, going back to 2000. Actually, only one of them is listed as missing: a kid named Jordan Wabasse, last seen in February, who didn’t attend the same school as the other six.

I doubt there’s a serial killer preying on Native American teenagers in Thunder Bay, but it seems like they could do with some more supervision. Why not have a proper boarding school, with residence halls on campus? Better yet, why not provide halfway decent schools on the reservations themselves, instead of requiring these kids to travel hundreds of miles at a very vulnerable age just to get a basic high school diploma?

Book about Jodi Huisentruit

There’s a new book out about the Jodi Huisentruit case. She was a TV news anchor who was apparently abducted from Iowa in 1995. The case has never been solved. The book, called Dead Air by Beth Bednar, came out in April. I’ll have to read it.

There are actually quite a few books about individual cases that I haven’t read. I know there are books about Khristine Smith, Jana Carpenter-Koklich, etc. And at least two books about the Janet March case. I just haven’t gotten around to them.

Articles about the Huisentruit book:

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Five people arrested in Damien Nettles disappearance

16-year-old Damien Nettles disappeared from the Isle of Wight (an island in the English Channel, part of the UK) in 1996. He vanished without a trace, a 15-minute walk from home. Well, a few days ago five guys — all of them middle-aged — got arrested on suspicion of his murder. I can’t find much on this, except that his body hasn’t been found. Articles:

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