This is just to say

A few of you who are my friends already know this; most don’t. I have known about it for months but didn’t say anything on here because, well, this is a matter in my family, and, because not everyone knew. I was one of the last to find out about this (much to my displeasure) but not THE last. But now I think everyone knows so I’ll let y’all know.

My parents are getting a divorce.

They haven’t separated yet, and when they’ll do so I can’t say. They are trying to make it the world’s most amicable split in the world and plan to remain best pals after it’s all over. Right now they’re still living together and in continual discussion over how to divide up the marital property. No one’s having an affair, no one is beating up anyone else, no one is an alcoholic or a drug abuser. It’s just that after 35 years they’ve decided to call it quits.

I found out in February. I found out by accident: I heard my mom and sister arguing about it, I heard just enough that Mom was more or less forced to tell me. At the time, my father was in the hospital for heart failure. He was in there for two weeks and came close to death. Sometimes I wonder, if he had died, whether anyone would have ever told me. (To play the devil’s advocate, you must remember that I was in the middle of the Great Headache Crisis at the time and not in much of a condition to be told ANYTHING.) But Dad lived, and will live, and I know now and I’ve got no problem with it.

Article about NamUs

I found this press release about NamUs, saying it now numbers 15,000 cases. I found 5,743 missings; the press release says there are over 7,000. But I think some of them aren’t visible to people who aren’t registered users, and I never registered.

I think that within a year or two or three, the number of MPs on NamUs will be greater than the number on Charley. Charley covers cases at least six months old; NamUs covers all cases, even those a day or so old. With so many people working for them, NamUs can theoretically add an infinite number of cases per day; I can rarely add more than ten. So without a doubt, NamUs will eventually get bigger than Charley. Which is how it should be. It’s kind of embarrassing that one person from Ohio runs the largest MP database on the internet while the huge, well-funded federal government lags so far behind.

Charley’s always going to be more detailed than NamUs, though, in terms of telling the story behind each disappearance.

Interview with Gabriel Johnson’s dad

Gabriel Johnson‘s dad, Logan McQueary, who hasn’t said much to the press, has done an interview. (On video, text summary).

“It pisses me off to see her,” said McQueary, speaking of Gabriel’s mom Elizabeth, who is accused of kidnapping him and suspected of much more. “I’ve gotten to the point that I don’t know what to do so I don’t want to see her.”

Meanwhile, predictably, Elizabeth’s attorney wants the case dismissed.