Jolene Riendeau found dead

Jolene Riendeau, a ten-year-old girl who had been missing from Montreal, Quebec since April 1999, has been found dead. The police are refusing to say where or under what circumstances, but they are treating her death as a homicide. Of course it’s not over yet. From this article:

Pina Arcamone, executive director of the Missing Children’s Network in Quebec, accompanied the parents of Jolene, Soucy and Rene Riendeau, Wednesday morning to a police station to receive the news.

Arcamone said the family was told police were doing tests on the remains and meeting with witnesses in the case. “We hope to have some answers very soon.

“Of course they are wondering when did this happen and what happened to their daughter, where was the body of their daughter found and, especially, who did this and why someone wanted to harm a young girl, not even 11 years old?” Arcamone said.

“It’s too soon to talk of grieving or closure,” Arcamone said. “They still have a lot of questions. Their pain, their suffering, their anxiety will continue until the investigation will be finished.