Elizabeth Johnson’s trial set for August

Elizabeth Johnson, mother of missing baby Gabriel Johnson, will go to trial in August for kidnapping, child abuse and custodial interference in his case. He was seven months old when he vanished from San Antonio, Texas on December 27, 2009.

Today is Gabriel’s second birthday. The police think Elizabeth probably killed him — she confessed to that on three different occasions, then recanted — but she hasn’t been charged with murder. Yet.

Jacqueline Vasquez missing for ten years on Friday

Jacqueline Vasquez will have been missing for ten years on Friday, May 6. The three-month-old baby was apparently abducted from an Avondale, Arizona swap meet while her mother was helping her other child use the toilet.

The Phoenix News Times has an article on the case:

Witnesses later told detectives there was a suspicious woman walking around the swap meet the day of Jacqueline’s disappearance, and that she was asking about infant children. The woman was never located, and the case went cold.

Authorities suspect that whomever took Jacqueline might have cared for her and possibly raised her as the suspect’s own child.

The hurdle for investigators 10 years after the infant was taken is that nobody knows what she looks like. Authorities have created an image of what the girl could look like, but nobody knows for sure.

The Tuscon Citizen also has a good summary of the case in their article.

The NCMEC just released a new AP for Jacqueline — I haven’t got it on her Charley page yet, but it will be up shortly.