Groan. Another lawsuit threat.

I get really tired of people threatening to sue me who apparently either don’t have the slightest comprehension of the relevant laws, or assume that I don’t.

The more so because all this person had to do was make a polite request, and I would have accommodated her. There was no need for threats.

I’ve actually stopped counting the number of lawsuit threats I’ve gotten. Ten or twelve by now, I think, but I’m not sure.

Anniversaries today

What with all the anniversary articles yesterday I decided to check and see whose anniversaries are today. I’ve got:

Naomi Wilson, 1981, Cedar Rapids, Iowa. A very professional, level-headed woman who just vanished without a trace. Foul play is suspected.
Calvin Ray Deets, 1985, Bonham, Texas. No details beyond “suspicious circumstances.”
Elizabeth Ann Pfeifer, 1986, Katy, Texas. Left a party, drunk, with some guy. He says she got into another car and that was the last he saw of her. Foul play is suspected.
Scott M. Coville, 1988, Sitka, Alaska. His wife killed him; I’ve blogged about this several times. This date is only an approximation.
Theresa Diane Johnson, 1991, Bradenton, Florida. Last seen leaving her home. No details.
James Arthur Cole, 1994, Severna Park, Maryland. Last seen walking home from a bar, visibly intoxicated. His family doesn’t think he left on his own.
Karen Denise Wells, 1994, Carlisle, Pennsylvania. She was on her way from her home in Oklahoma to visit a friend in New Jersey when she disappeared. Her car turned up, mud-splattered, out of gas with a dead battery, just stopped on a rural road.
Alyne J. Barrick, 1996, Mammoth Cave, Kentucky. Apparently kidnapped from her home.
Jason Andrew Knapp, 1998, Clemson, South Carolina. This case has gotten a fair amount of publicity over the years. He was a student at Clemson University, in the ROTC, and doing well in life when he just vanished.
Charlene Annette Rosser, 1998, Eureka, California. No details.
Jaisle Elizabeth Thomas, 1998, Richmond, Virginia. She was 17 and on her way to the library when she vanished. Her car was found parked on a local bridge.
Tilsia Peralta Martinez, 2002, La Puente, California. She seemed very nervous right before her disappearance and canceled an appointment, claiming she had a family emergency. Foul play is suspected.
Jose Angel Julian, 2003, Lewisville, Texas. He might have gone to Florida. Few details.
Robert Anthony Spellman, 2005, Sherman Oaks, California. His family believes he was killed.
Lino Trevino Jr., 2005, Mathis, Texas. No details.
Oliver J. Klar, 2006, Cleveland, Ohio. His car turned up a block away from the used-car business he owned. No other details.
Jessica Eileen Ortiz, 2007, Pueblo, Colorado. Had an abusive boyfriend who was charged with raping another woman. She was last seen leaving a bar with her boyfriend and two other men.
Masumi Watanabe, 2007, Honolulu, Hawaii. A tourist from Japan, she was murdered by a local resident, Kirk Lankford. I’ve blogged about this a few times.
Craig L. Hoskie, 2008, Pensacola Beach, Florida. Presumed to have drowned.
Leticia Barrales Ramos, 2009, Winters, California. Murdered by her husband. He was convicted later that year and sentenced to 15 years to life.

I might do these anniversary lists once in awhile, though not every day. This took a fairly long time to make.

Michael Riemer identified

According to this article, remains found three weeks ago near Mineral, Washington have been identified as Michael Lloyd Riemer, who disappeared from Pierce County, Washington in 1985. He was 36 years old.

The case is an odd one. Michael disappeared with his girlfriend, Diana Robertson, and their two-year-old daughter, Crystal Robertson. They had gone on a combination trapline check and Christmas tree hunt in the woods. That afternoon, Crystal turned up wandering around a Wal-Mart K-Mart, alone. She said “Mommy is in the trees.” In February 1986 (two months after she went missing), Diana’s body was found on an old logging road. She’d been stabbed 17 times and strangled with a sock. Michael’s truck was nearby, bloodstained, with a note saying “I love you, Diana.” There was no indication of his whereabouts and the police weren’t sure whether he was a murderer or a victim, though it’s worth noting that the couple had a history of domestic violence.

Michael’s skull was also found on a logging road, about a mile from where Diana was found 25 years ago. This article says they can’t determine the cause of death; apparently all that they found was the skull. No word on how long they think it’s been there.

I think it’s likely that the case will remain an unsolved mystery.