Study results thus far

I mentioned wanting to study my cases to see if I’m right about my theory that having your child go missing will tend to considerably shorten your life. I’m making a list of the MPs on my site with parents who are known to have died after their disappearance, and at what age they died, or, failing that, the year of death. This is what I’ve got so far (that is, not much). An asterik means the parent did not die of natural causes and/or the parent was a suspect in their child’s disappearance.

Maria Florence Anjiras — Mom, 60; Dad, 61
Daniel Barter — Mom, 71; Dad, 46
Amanda Marie Berry — Mom, 44
Amy Billig — Mom, 80; Dad, 69
Mary Rachel Bryan — *Dad, ? (died 1970s)
Nicole Lynn Bryner — *Mom, 41
Brian Carrick — Mom, 65
Mindi Chambers — *Dad, ? (died 1994)
Trenton John Duckett — *Mom, 21
Christie Lynn Farni — *Dad, 47
Debra Jean Frost — Dad, 58
Frederick Andrew Holmes — Mom, 61; *Dad, 51
Sofia Lucerno Juarez — Mom, 26
Kimberley Kay Kersey — Mom, 50
Cynthia Ardina Leslie and Jackie Lynn Leslie — Dad, ? (died a few months after they disappeared)
Brookley Chantille Louks — *Dad, 47
Eugene Wade Martin — Dad, 65
Kimberly Ann Moreau — Mom, 48
Fred Charles Moseley — Mom, 68; Dad, 77
Tania Marie Murrell — Mom, 55
Linda Sue Nickell — *Dad, ? (died 1990s)
Jeanna Dale North — Mom, 58
Branson Kayne Perry — Mom, 52; Dad, 49
Debra T. Pscholka — Mom, ? (died 1990); Dad, ? (died 2000)
Beverly Rose Potts — Mom, poss. 56; Dad, ? (died 1970)
Deborah Lyyn Sanders — Mom, 45
Brian Randall Shaffer — *Dad, 55
Jonathan Sohus (he’s not missing anymore, but he was) — Mom, 74
Aleacia Di’onne Stancil — *Mom, 37
Fannie Fawn Stuart and Jessie Flo Stewart — *Dad, 48
Diane Suzuki — Mom, 72
Anthony Peter Tumolo — Dad, ? (died 1968)
Jeffrey John Zoltowski — Mom, 58

Another new MP book

I just found out about another book on missing people that was published last year: Clueless in New England: The Unsolved Disappearances of Paula Welden, Connie Smith and Katherine Hull, by Michael C. Dooling. I put in a library request for it, since its publisher did not see fit to send me a surprise free copy.

Katherine Hull is no longer missing; she was found dead seven years after she vanished. The whereabouts of Paula Welden and Connie Smith are still unsolved mysteries, however.

Musings on more murders without bodies

Exondia Salado, the wife of the missing Manuel Salado, has been convicted of his murder. From the article:

She had searched the Internet on ways to kill someone and how to dispose of a human body, according to testimony from computer experts.

Google searches, for instance, were made on her computer early Aug. 28, 2007, on “handcuff,” “easy murder,” “murder methods,” “spousal murder,” “quick kill,” “strangulation,” “execution methods,” “human torture methods” and “human castration,” according to testimony.

Wow. She must have been REALLY mad at him.

But here’s a tip for you, folks: if you’re planning to murder someone and you MUST research it on the internet, for God’s sake do so on another person’s computer that can’t be traced back to you. Because if you become a murder suspect, the police will definitely confiscate your computer and go over it with a fine-tooth comb, and those computer experts WILL find your murder-related Googling and it WILL be used against you in a court of law.

Raogo Ouedraogo has been convicted of murdering Donald Dietz in a plot to steal his considerable assets. (He was acquitted of interstate murder-for-hire, though.) Like Manuel Salado, Donald Dietz disappeared in 2007. Ouedraogo (who, btw, is from Burkina Faso in West Africa, one of the poorest nations in the world) faces life in prison. His accomplice, Rami Saba (who is either from Lebanon or just of Lebanese parentage, I forget which), is supposed to go to trial next month. Saba plans to represent himself in spite of the fact that he has no legal knowledge whatsoever; he claims Allah would see him through. From this article:

On Wednesday, [Saba] filed documents asking [Judge] Neff to reconsider her order that he cannot invoke Allah throughout his upcoming trial.

Not sure what they mean by “invoke.” Is Saba not allowed to tell the jury that Allah knows he is innocent and they will bring the wrath of Allah upon themselves if they convict him? Hmm.

The guy sounds as if he’s a few beers short of a six-pack. But in (of course) Texas, they let a diagnosed schizophrenic represent himself at his capital murder trial and he wore a cowboy outfit throughout the trial and tried to subpoena Jesus Christ, John F. Kennedy and other dead people. He’s still on death row.