Whew! *wipes sweat from brow*

Writing up today’s updates took like five hours. I was trying to catch up on my September cases. I used to be able to post cases on the very day they hit the six-month mark, but I am far too behind to attempt that now. But anyway, I wrote up a bunch of September cases and, being recent, they generally had a bunch of articles to read. And of course the Bryant brothers I had to read many articles for.

So for half the waking day I slaved over a hot laptop for you. Keep that in mind when my birthday comes. 🙂

Written up the Bryant case

I have written Austin and Edward Bryant’s casefiles for posting on Charley later today, and I am feeling sick at heart. It’s a very sordid story. It’s baby farming: their so-called parents adopted NINE children and collected government subsidies to the tune of $120,000 a year. They abused Austin, at least, rather horribly. They admit that when the boys disappeared — at the ages of seven and nine, approximately — they deliberately didn’t report it because they wanted to keep the money coming.

And I’m sure that’s not all that they’ve done.

AND no one bothered to report it for ages. I’m sure quite a few people — adults — must have been aware of the abuse, at least, if not the children’s disappearances, but no one did a damn thing about it.

I wonder about the adoption authorities in Colorado, too. So they weren’t supposed to keep checking on the boys after they had been adopted — I can understand that. But didn’t somebody stop to think that maybe it wasn’t such a good idea for a couple to adopt nine kids, most or all of them with special needs? That they probably wouldn’t be able to handle it? Even good, loving parents with the best intentions would probably find themselves overwhelmed. It seems like there ought to be a limit to how many children you’re allowed to adopt. I don’t know. It just seems like somebody dropped the ball.

I don’t get it. I’ve studied this extensively, read about it, basically devoted my life to it. But I still do not understand why people can be so cruel and callous to each other.

My heart bleeds for those two boys.