Sad developments

This article in the Chicago Tribune details the life and troubles of Yasmin Acree (I have to change her name spelling), with a lot of information that hadn’t been previously made public. Yasmin suffered a lot of abuse, including sexual abuse, and she acted out sexually as a result. It sounds like a lot of people failed her, not the least many of her own relatives. In any case this isn’t an ordinary teen girl as she was initially characterized in news reports. I had had my suspicions that she might be more troubled than the news let on; few teens who spent years in foster care function as well as Yasmin was said to.

Meanwhile, the father of Wallace Guidroz, missing since 1983, has stabbed his wife to death in Louisiana and then drove around for awhile with the body in the backseat before he decided to go to the police and confess. He’s charged with second-degree murder. (The dead woman is not Wallace’s mother. Wallace’s mother died in 1997.) Of course, the murder charges don’t necessarily mean Stanley Guidroz had something to do with his little boy’s disappearance nearly 30 years ago, but you do have to wonder. I don’t know if he was considered a suspect in Wallace’s case or not, but he was the last person to see him. If Wallace is alive, he will be 31 years old on March 24. If anything good can come out of the murder, it’s that Wallace’s case is getting a little more publicity. His disappearance has been sadly neglected in the media and he doesn’t even have an NCMEC poster.

And of course I must mention the case everyone’s probably heard about by now: two children who, like Adam Herrman, were missing for years before their disappearances were reported. Their names are Austin and Edward Bryant. The similarities between the Bryant case and the Herrman case are uncanny. Let us list them:

1. Adam was adopted along with two biological siblings; Austin and Edward are biological brothers who were also adopted.
2. The Bryants and the Herrmans both claim their missing adopted sons “ran away.”
3. The adoptive parents continued to accept benefits for the children for years after the children were no longer living with them; the Bryants are said to have collected $174,000 over the years.
4. Both the Bryants and the Herrmans have thus far only faced theft charges and no charges related to the actual disappearance of the children.
5. There was apparently severe abuse of the children, witnessed by many members of the family who did nothing about it.
6. The parents claim the children were mentally ill and that some of the abusive treatment of them was recommended by mental health professionals. A psychiatrist supposedly told the Herrmans to keep Adam locked up in the bathroom; a therapist allegedly told the Bryants to wrap Austin in a blanket like a burrito and keep him in this position for extended periods.

I’m not buying it. Any of it. Neither is anyone else.

I think I said earlier on my blog that I was sure there are more Adam Herrmans out there. I’m sorry to be proven right. I really don’t know what else to say about it.

I will of course add the Bryant children to Charley. I don’t think I’ll do it today, though. I’m in Fort Wayne and once again Michael has no internet access in his apartment. I’m typing this in the library. I hope to be able to at least update some cases today.

As for me… I am very tired. Had a miserable night last night. I was exhausted, incredibly sleepy, too sleepy to really do anything, but I could not sleep. I tossed and turned trying to find a good position, I lay very still with my eyes closed and counted up to 200 and back down to 1, I tried moving from the bed to the living room couch and then back to the bed again, etc etc, but nothing worked. I didn’t fall asleep finally till about 7:00 a.m., then I woke up at ten.

Yay, a brand-new old NCMEC case!

James Egan, also known as Colin, missing since 1972. He’s listed as missing from Mequon, Wisconsin, but it says he was traveling between California and Wisconsin at the time of his disappearance. (I wish they would be a little more specific. That’s a lot of space.) He was 18 years old.

I looked up Mequon on Wikipedia and it says someone named James Egan was mayor between 1965 and 1971. I looked further and found this obituary for James The Mayor, who died in 1999. “He was preceded in death by a son, Colin.” Got to be James The Missing there.

In any case, I shall do a casefile for this young man forthwith.

Hear ye, hear ye, another updates announcement

Attention everyone: As I have noted previously on this blog, I find myself swamped with little tiny updates to do on many cases, and it always kind of bothers me if the daily roster of cases on my updates page is too long. A 45-name or longer list just looks gawky or something, I don’t know, I just have some kind of problem with it. I have been trying to find ways to ease the burden a bit.

Therefore, I announce that in the future, I will not be noting an update if I am simply adding a middle name for the MP, or a suffix like Jr., III, etc. If that’s the only update for that casefile, I’m simply going to quietly add it without making an announcement. It’s not going to shorten my “today’s updates” list very much, but it helps a little, and it will not interfere with the efforts of people who use my site to try to identify bodies.

If any of you desperately need to stay current on MP name updates for some reason, email me and we’ll see if we can work something out.

Runaway kids in Florida

I found this article about runaway teens in Manatee County, Florida. The NCMEC says it has helped find 369 runaway kids from Manatee County since 1997.

My dad once said that kids run away for two reasons: either (1) they are being mistreated at home, or (2) they only think they are being mistreated. I would add a third reason (which kind of ties in with Reason 2): they want to get out and see the world and prove they are very grown-up, thank you very much, and don’t need parents bossing them around and getting into their business.

50 missing people in 50 days

As I’m sure everyone knows by now, Nancy Grace is in the middle of this big “50 missing people in 50 days” thing on her show, profiling one case per show for 50 days straight. I think she’s somewhere in the thirties by now.

While it’s a fine idea, and I’ve been able to milk some smidgens of information, extra photos etc., off her from this, I kind of wish she wouldn’t profile so many cases that have been done to death. I mean, Kyron Horman, Haleigh Cummings, anyone? And, for older cases, Etan Patz, Johnny Gosch? They’ve all had so much exposure. It would make my day if Nancy Grace instead profiled some case I’ve been curious about for years but have zilch on. Like Larry Krebbs, or Robert Bowling, and Jeanine Barnwell or something.

But of course, that would probably not be as profitable.

I’ve thought of doing some similar thing for my blog, but I already have a featured MP of the week on Charley’s frontpage. Which I need to change sometime today…

Still here, kinda

I know I haven’t been around in almost a week. I’m barely answering my email either. But I’m hanging in there. It’s Tuesday so I will try to get an update in today. I have some more free time this week.

Just six days till my consult at the Cleveland Clinic and it can’t come fast enough. If they can’t help I don’t know what else I can do. The headache pain varies but right now it’s on one its more severe arcs and the pills are not working (big surprise, haha), and I fear I may need to go back to the urgent care place sometime today for an umpteenth shot. It always takes forever and costs the earth, but sometimes it’s the only thing that works.

Footnotes and sources

I got an email from somebody asking me about a missing baby case I have on Charley. The baby in question, I noted, has a certain birthmark. The person wants to know what my exact source was for that info. The problem is that I don’t have it. I haven’t touched that case since 2007, and the birthmark info was there before even then. I don’t remember when I added that part, or even if I did; for all I know, the birthmark may be a piece of info left over from the MPCCN days. All I’ve got is that list of sources at the bottom of the page. There are six and three are newspapers. The words “needle” and “haystack” come to mind.

Sometimes I think I really ought to start footnoting my Charley casefiles, Wikipedia style, to avoid this kind of problem.

Ronald Lee Norman identified, 19 years later

Per this article, a twenty-year-old cold case has been solved with the identification of Ronald Norman, one of my Charley Project MPs. He was 42 when he disappeared from Detroit back in December 1991. He was brain-damaged and lived in an adult care home. His body was found floating in Lake Erie in the spring of 1992, but it remained unidentified until now. It looks like Ronald’s death was probably an accidental drowning. His twin brother who had been looking for him all this time, is very relieved to have answers now.

Conviction in Mario Hernandez case

This just in (last month): Rebeca Nivarez was found guilty of first-degree murder in the presumed death of Mario Rodriguez Hernandez, who’s been missing six years this month from Santa Ana, California. Rebeca was also found guilty of burglary. Mario sold jewelry door to door and the prosecution’s theory was that Rebeca and her then 17-year-old son, Ricardo Dagoberto Diaz-Nivarez, robbed and murdered him. Ricardo fled to Mexico, but he was captured there and extradited to the U.S. He faces trial later this spring.

OC180 News
Los Angeles Times Blogs
Orange County Register (pre-conviction)

Status quo continues unabated

The situation is pretty much unchanged. I am still in a lot of pain. Nothing to do but wait to go to Cleveland. The Topamax was clearly a complete failure and I’ve decided to quit taking it. The neurologist’s nurse, on the phone, said I could. She said I have to start thinking in the long term, about pain management and stuff. I think this means I will have to add the neurologist to the growing list of doctors who have no idea what’s wrong with me. At this point I no longer care myself. I just have to find a way to either end it, or live with it, or some combination thereof.

I really am trying to keep my head above water re: Charley stuff. NamUs seems to be kicking my butt in that regard, but whatever. Charley is both labor and labor of love to me. An obligation, a responsibility, but also something that makes me feel happy and fulfilled.

It’s Tuesday. I will update. I try to update on Tuesdays because that’s the day when I’m supposed to change my featured missing person of the week.

If you have ever wondered why Tuesday is the day when I change my MP of the week, it’s because the site debuted on a Tuesday.