Patrick Alford in Cleveland?

According to this article and this one, seven-year-old Patrick Alford, who disappeared from New York City over a year ago, may be alive and in the Cleveland, Ohio area. The police evidently got some kind of tip, a sighting or something.

I really, really hope this tip pans out. Patrick’s disappearance is ridiculous. Seven-year-old boys don’t just “run away.” Or, if they do, they don’t get far without running into serious trouble. From what I’ve read, he shouldn’t have been placed in a strange foster home to begin with. There were relatives who were willing to take care of him. Patrick’s foster mother didn’t even speak English.

He looks like such a beautiful kid. Sigh.

Most mysterious

Today I saw the neurologist (the one who referred me to the Cleveland Clinic) and told her the good news. She was very happy for me. She still wants me to keep taking the Neurontin though (that’s the prophylactic) and she warned that the headache might still return.

I asked her if she had any notion what caused the blood vessels in my head to get so inflamed. “They weren’t,” she said. My MRI and blood work had shown a normal, healthy brain with normal blood vessels.

“So why did the dexamethasone work then?”

“We have no idea how it works,” she answered. She’d heard of it being used to treat persistent headaches but the mechanism is unknown.

Hopefully this will be my last “headache” post.