Dexamethasone still holding

The pain has yet to return — though I keep mentally examining every inch of my skull. And thanks for all the well-wishes. 🙂

I hope to start updating Charley regularly again now. (I am so far behind, gah. NamUs is kicking my ass.) But I am at my boyfriend’s and his connection is really wonky this week. His wireless router pooped out so he had to order a new one. While we wait for it to arrive we are stuck with wires, and my computer doesn’t like those for some reason and the connection keeps going out on me. I am at the library at present, but it closes in only three hours and that’s not nearly enough time for me to do the huge update I will need to do.

So you and I must wait awhile longer. I confess I’m not all that distressed about it. I’m catching up on my reading.