My head doesn’t hurt anymore

So I finished my three-day course of dexamethasone yesterday and today I am COMPLETELY pain-free. I have yet to pronounce the dexamethasone an unqualified success — there’s still a significant chance the pain will return — but right now I’m feeling rather extraordinary. When you’ve been in pain for this long, it actually feels kind of weird not to hurt.

It would be really cool if the dex kills the pain for good. If it does, I’ll tell everyone about the Cleveland Clinic: “I had a severe headache for months and my doctor and my neurologist couldn’t do anything for me and I went to the Cleveland Clinic and they gave me ONE PILL for THREE DAYS and I was cured!”

Obviously the pain was being caused by some kind of inflammation of the blood vessels in my head, or the dexamethasone wouldn’t have worked. The question is: why? You may recall that, back in January, my regular doctor had this theory and prescribed a steroid that didn’t work. My guess is that it wasn’t strong enough. Dexamethasone is a pretty strong steroid.

Even if the blood vessels re-inflame and the pain returns, I feel hopeful again.