Back from the Cleveland Clinic

I am too tired to go into detail, but the doctor says I have New Daily Persistent Headache. Thank you, Captain Obvious! This is an actual, official diagnosis, believe it or not. As with most cases, my NDPH is idiopathic: that is, they have no idea what caused it. AND it’s incredibly difficult to treat.

But all hope is not lost. The doctor has prescribed a new prophylactic that will take at least a month to kick in, and some more medicine that might help with the pain until then. And he gave me an injection to deal with today’s headache. And he says I must stop using all those painkillers because they’re making things worse. As for the three-week pain management program, I might well do it — it looks like a very good fit for me, everyone thinks so — but there are no spots open till May at least.

I may write more on this.

In the meantime, you can amuse yourself by taking a look inside my skull. These are a few of the 818 images from the MRI they did:

Brain #1
Brain #2
Brain #3
Brain #4
Brain #5
Brain #6
Brain #7
Brain #8