Ronald Lee Norman identified, 19 years later

Per this article, a twenty-year-old cold case has been solved with the identification of Ronald Norman, one of my Charley Project MPs. He was 42 when he disappeared from Detroit back in December 1991. He was brain-damaged and lived in an adult care home. His body was found floating in Lake Erie in the spring of 1992, but it remained unidentified until now. It looks like Ronald’s death was probably an accidental drowning. His twin brother who had been looking for him all this time, is very relieved to have answers now.

Conviction in Mario Hernandez case

This just in (last month): Rebeca Nivarez was found guilty of first-degree murder in the presumed death of Mario Rodriguez Hernandez, who’s been missing six years this month from Santa Ana, California. Rebeca was also found guilty of burglary. Mario sold jewelry door to door and the prosecution’s theory was that Rebeca and her then 17-year-old son, Ricardo Dagoberto Diaz-Nivarez, robbed and murdered him. Ricardo fled to Mexico, but he was captured there and extradited to the U.S. He faces trial later this spring.

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Los Angeles Times Blogs
Orange County Register (pre-conviction)

Status quo continues unabated

The situation is pretty much unchanged. I am still in a lot of pain. Nothing to do but wait to go to Cleveland. The Topamax was clearly a complete failure and I’ve decided to quit taking it. The neurologist’s nurse, on the phone, said I could. She said I have to start thinking in the long term, about pain management and stuff. I think this means I will have to add the neurologist to the growing list of doctors who have no idea what’s wrong with me. At this point I no longer care myself. I just have to find a way to either end it, or live with it, or some combination thereof.

I really am trying to keep my head above water re: Charley stuff. NamUs seems to be kicking my butt in that regard, but whatever. Charley is both labor and labor of love to me. An obligation, a responsibility, but also something that makes me feel happy and fulfilled.

It’s Tuesday. I will update. I try to update on Tuesdays because that’s the day when I’m supposed to change my featured missing person of the week.

If you have ever wondered why Tuesday is the day when I change my MP of the week, it’s because the site debuted on a Tuesday.