I feel kind of silly now

As y’all know, I posted that notice on Charley saying I’m sick and might not be updating as much or as often. This was after a solid week without updates, something that hardly ever happens. And I am, in fact, in a great deal of pain. I had to make my five thousandth trip to ER for my five thousandth shot on Wednesday.

(“So when did your headache start?” asked the nurse.

“Five months ago. Oh, and ten days.”


I got a lot of “get well soon” emails and such, and was very touched by that.

But the fact is that I stopped taking the morphine that caused me to sleep 20 hours a day — I decided it was not worth it, that I needed to live — and just live with the pain. When it becomes unbearable I go get a shot, or gulp some higher-than-recommended number of any of the ten or so kinds of painkillers I’ve got lying around. (And ER gave me another: Fioricet. Yay.) And the fact is that due to the inclement weather, I haven’t been able to go to school or to Michael’s. (I would be at Michael’s right now, but the roads are absolutely impassable. And they actually CANCELED school today, something about as rare as a solar eclipse. My dad has worked for that school for 37 years and count the number of cancellations on his fingers.) And the fact is that working on updates is as good a distraction as any from the vise clamped to my head.

So, yeah, I’m starting to feel like an idiot, regards that notice. Though it’s still true on the face of it.

My Cleveland Clinic consult can’t come fast enough.