What about the other ones?

When Carlina got found, I was really hoping her case could be used as a springboard to bring other cold cases of missing infants to the public eye again. Unfortunately, so far that hasn’t happened. Apparently the NCMEC has been flooded with tips about missing babies, but all that’s been in the news is Carlina, Carlina, Carlina. Hers is a fantastic and certainly newsworthy story, but there are other kids out there who are still missing and this kind of media attention might well lead to their recovery, and they are still being ignored.

Carlina stated she had been having doubts about her origins for years. I wonder if the same is true with a lot of people, but they don’t take the actions she did because they don’t want to disrupt their lives and the lives of the people who raised them. I mean, Carlina made that call to the NCMEC, and now suddenly her mom’s in jail, and her mom’s not her mom, and she has a whole new family, and she’s a world-famous celebrity. Life will never be the same for her again. I wonder if maybe there are are others who have just as much reason as her to believe they were abducted as infants or small children, but they keep their heads down because they don’t want trouble. And there is no way to investigate this kind of thing without causing trouble.

In any case, I’ll list them again: these are, I believe, all the MPs on Charley who were victims of a non-family abduction when under the age of 1 year, where there’s no reason to believe they’re dead:

Christopher Enoch Abeyta, 7 months, missing from Colorado Springs, Colorado since 1986
Sabrina Paige Aisenberg, 4 months, missing from Valrico, Florida since 1997
Andre Terrance Bryant, 1 month, missing from New York City since 1989 (whoever did it killed his mother)
Annalycia Maria Cruz, 4 months, missing from Chiloquin, Oregon since 1994
Allyson Kathleen Dalton, 2 months, missing from Strasburg, Virginia since 1998 (whoever did it killed her mother)
Bryan Dos Santos-Gomes, 3 weeks, missing from Fort Myers, Florida since 2006
Raymond Lamar Green, 5 days, missing from Atlanta, Georgia since 1978
Shannon Patrick Ketron, 8 months, missing from Cordell, Oklahoma since 1982
Alexandra Marie McIntire, 7 months, missing from San Diego, California since 1994
Donel Jacoby Minor, 2 months, missing from Inglewood, California since 1984
Kamiyah Mobley, 1 day, missing from Miami, Florida since 1998
Marlene Santana, 3 days, missing from New York City since 1985
Aleacia Di’onne Stancil, 9 months, missing from Phoenix, Arizona since 1994
Tavish Sutton, 1 month, missing from Atlanta, Georgia since 1993
Jacqueline Vasquez, 3 months, missing from Avondale, Arizona since 2001

And those are just the infants. I didn’t include toddlers who are presumed to have been abducted for the same purpose, like, say, Melissa Highsmith. I think if you kidnapped and kept a kid younger than about four, chances are they’re not going to remember much of anything of their past — certainly not enough to identify their biological family. Steven Stayner was seven when he was taken by Kenneth Parnell, and Parnell didn’t have much trouble convincing him that his family had given him away because they didn’t want him anymore.

I also didn’t count babies like Jeremy Lee Dages or Ashley Nicole Conroy, who disappeared with their mothers.

Chances are excellent that most or all of the children I named on that list above are alive and well out there, somewhere. The oldest, Raymond, would now be 32 years old. Most of the rest are in their teens at least — old enough to start wondering. I wish CNN or somebody would run a story on one of these kids, if only so they would know that someone is still looking for them.

Status update

I have been generally slacking and behaving irresponsibly these last several days and I don’t know when that will change. Possibly today. Possibly a week from now. Who knows? I just really don’t feel like updating Charley right now, though god knows the updates are piling up again.

So far the Topamax has given me acne and made soda pop taste bad. I’m really, really hoping the latter is a temporary thing, because pop was my main beverage and I know of no other that is so cheap, tasty and easily obtainable. Grape juice, which is very good and healthy, is $5 a gallon. Milk is cheap, but it’s so filling that I can’t really drink enough to keep myself hydrated.

Yesterday I had a really, really bad headache starting around ten o’clock or so. I went home from school at noon, missing two classes, then lay around moaning till six-thirty, then asked Dad to take me to the urgent care clinic. They gave me a shot of Nubain, which was effective. Today I called Dr. Easley’s office and asked for another script for MS Contin. I’ll pick it up on the way home. Hopefully by the time I run out of that again, the Topamax will be kicking in.

I have a math test this afternoon. I made up my mind that if the headache returned I would ask the professor to let me take the test early, so I could just get out of here. But it hasn’t come back, thank goodness.