Tania Marie Murrell’s mother has died

According to the Toronto Sun, Vivian Murrell died on New Years Day. She was the mother of Tania Marie Murrell, who disappeared from Edmonton, Alberta at the age of six in 1983. Tania was never found and there were never any strong leads regarding her disappearance.

Vivian Murrell was only 55 years old. Her death was unexpected and they’re still awaiting the autopsy results, though it seems to have been natural causes. Tania’s father, Jack, died in 2005.

There remain two siblings. This article says a sister, Elysia, lives in Ontario and a brother, John, “has spent his life in and out of jail.”

Book about Haleigh Cummings

The Examiner says a guy named Timothy Charles Holmseth has written a book about Haleigh Cummings. It’s called In Re: HaLeigh Cummings: The Shocking Truth Revealed. Though Holmseth says it will soon be available “through major bookstores” right now you can only pre-order it through this website for $21.

Frankly, it looks dreadful.

About Ann Pettway

Well, it’s official: Ann Pettway, Carlina White’s abductor, is on the run. At the time the whole story broke, Ann was in Raleigh, North Carolina. She is on probation for attempted embezzlement until June 2012, and isn’t allowed to leave the state without permission. Well, now nobody seems to be able to find her, so she’s listed as an absconder. Pettway has a prior record for forgery, theft, drug possession, etc. As for the kidnapping, if she is prosecuted for that, that’s a federal matter. It looks like the state statute of limitations has expired.

According to Carlina, Pettway was in fact pregnant in 1987, but lost the baby. And apparently she told no one, and when she showed up with an infant they all thought it was hers. This fits the profile of the typical baby-snatcher.

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