Louisiana cops get all their MPs’ families’ DNA

For some reason the original link isn’t working, but I have the Google cache for this article, a followup on this article which talks about the DeSoto Sheriff’s and Mansfield’s Police departments in Louisiana tracking down the relatives of local MPs for DNA samples. In December they had obtained samples for four people, but one other person’s family refused to provide any. Well, as of today that woman’s family has been persuaded to give up cheek swabs for possible identification. Job well done here. I only wish other small PDs would do the same.

A quote of interest about 77-year-old Lurline DeWitt, who’s been missing since 1996 with foul play is suspected: Finding Dewitt’s relatives meant a trip to the Louisiana State Penitentiary in Angola, where one of her two sons is serving a life sentence for homicide. I wish I knew more details about that murder. I mean, missing old woman, violent relative. It may well be completely unrelated, but now I’ve got an itch to know.

One thought on “Louisiana cops get all their MPs’ families’ DNA

  1. Jer January 19, 2011 / 1:14 pm

    Unless of course she went missing after he went to prison.

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