Very good article on Tavia Bailey

Today there was an excellent detailed article on the disappearance of Tavia Bailey. I had had practically nothing on her before.

Tavia was a bit of a problem child; her mom believes her emotional/behavioral troubles stemmed from sexual abuse by her stepfather. She experimented with drugs and she ran away from home, but she would always keep in touch with her mom. After her New Years’ Eve 1986 disappearance, when she was 15, she never called home again.

Deisy Herrera

There’s a recent article with a video about Deisy Herrera, a three-year-old who vanished from her family’s front yard in Kern, California in 1987. (And for once, the comments on the article aren’t nasty. Yet.) Deisy’s case is very obscure. She’s not on the NCMEC, and in six years I have not updated her casefile even once.

I will update it now. The article doesn’t provide much in the way of new information, but it does say Deisy was playing with her siblings. I wonder what they saw, and if they were old enough to remember anything now. If she is still alive, Deisy would now be 26 years old.