CNN does Rosemary Diaz article

I found this article about Rosemary Diaz, a Danevang, Texas 15-year-old who was abducted from her convenience store job in 1990. (Actually, the article was sent to me by someone who put together a “tapestry” of predictions about Rosemary based on her date of birth.)

Anyway, the CNN article provides a color version of the black-and-white NCMEC photo of Rosemary — with her veritable cloud of black hair, no doubt heavily hairsprayed as was the style at the time — and some additional info about her disappearance, including a possible suspect.

The comments on the article are typical reading: people blaming Rosemary’s parents and/or the store management for letting her work alone, people suggesting everyone should have a tracking device implanted in their arm, people saying the case shouldn’t be on CNN because it’s so old, etc.

I finally did it!

I finally sat down, bit the bullet and wrote up Kyron Horman‘s case. It didn’t take as long as I thought — only four or five hours. Whew! Glad that’s done and over with. Cross that off on my mile-long list of Things I Really Should Get Around To Doing. (Another item on the list is “Donate clothes to the St. Vincent De Paul Society.” Got a basket of clothes that’s been in my car for about six months.)

The two other cases (yes, alas, only two) that I added today are also exceptional due to their age: Dennise Sullivan, a Connecticut girl missing for 49 years, abducted from rural Utah after a holdup and shooting that killed her mother and wounded the man that was with them, and Solomon Rose, missing from Maryland for 38 years and just added to the NCMEC.

Worldcat says there’s a book called Whatever Happened to Denise Sullivan? which is supposed to be about Dennise’s abduction. Gotta wonder how accurate it is if they didn’t spell her name right. There’s only one copy available and it’s at the Wisconsin Historical Society (?). I requested it through inter-library loan but they want $5 to ship it to me. I think I’ll bite.