Just in time

I got today’s updates in — fourteen updates, two adds, changed the missing person of the week — less than an hour before midnight. Whew. That was close.

A bit of a conundrum: the more cases I add to Charley, the more that need to be updated. This has become particularly apparent lately. Sometimes a dozen or more updates will pop up in a single day. And I always have new cases to add. (54 on the list at present, not counting runaways and family abductions.) It’s very hard to keep up. I have a lot else on my plate at present as well.

Had the CT scan this morning. They’ll let me know in two to three days what, if anything, it showed. My friend John has been teasing me about the doctor saying I could go blind, and promised to buy me one of those special canes for Christmas.

One thought on “Just in time

  1. SkullCandy313 December 21, 2010 / 11:58 pm

    With the MRI, had the results been of the “oh sh_t!” variety, the staff wouldn’t have let you leave.

    Let’s hope you get some answers that don’t require painful prodding and digging.

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