Close to home

This case is from right in my backyard. My boyfriend lives in Fort Wayne. I’m at his place at least half the time and consider the city to be my second home. I’ve driven on Wabash Avenue plenty of times.

Latisha Ann Lawson and her two children were reported missing from FW in October. Someone told the police where to find her, and they did contact her, and verified that she and her daughter, whom this article identifies as, Kierra King, were safe. Latisha’s son, a beautiful three-year-old boy named Jezaih King whose picture you can see here, was nowhere to be found. After some pointed question, Latisha finally admitted the truth: Jezaih is dead. She killed him thirteen months ago and had been keeping his body in a closet at her apartment on Wabash Avenue.

This article provides more details: unable to handle Jezaih’s temper tantrums, Latisha forced vinegar and olive oil down his throat until he died. Latisha’s roommate apparently knew about this but didn’t inform the police until quite recently. I don’t know what, if anything, Kierra knew. She would have been nine at the time of the murder: old enough to know something was wrong, but young enough to be intimidated into silence. Right now for some reason Latisha’s only charged with child neglect. I hope that gets upgraded to murder very soon.

I’m tired of uttering the usual platitudes about wasted life and innocent children and heartless murderers. I don’t know what to say.

Just in time

I got today’s updates in — fourteen updates, two adds, changed the missing person of the week — less than an hour before midnight. Whew. That was close.

A bit of a conundrum: the more cases I add to Charley, the more that need to be updated. This has become particularly apparent lately. Sometimes a dozen or more updates will pop up in a single day. And I always have new cases to add. (54 on the list at present, not counting runaways and family abductions.) It’s very hard to keep up. I have a lot else on my plate at present as well.

Had the CT scan this morning. They’ll let me know in two to three days what, if anything, it showed. My friend John has been teasing me about the doctor saying I could go blind, and promised to buy me one of those special canes for Christmas.