Missing Indian boy reunited with family after 15 years

The details are scarce, but this article tells a happy story: a six-year-old boy in India who disappeared off a train in 1995 has somehow located his left-behind family, who live in the state of Andhra Pradesh. He says a female railroad station employee in Chennai (which seems to be the next state over) took him to an orphanage and left him there. The Lions Club (of which my father is a member, though not in India of course) helped him find his parents. He is now 21 years old.

The boy, who is named Shabeer, now speaks only Tamil. His parents speak three languages between them, but Tamil is not one of them. I suppose they will work out some means of communication. Now that he’s back with his family, Shabeer might start to remember his native tongue. I wish the best for all of them.