Slight change in blog categories

I had often wondered whether to file 18- and 19-year-old missing people in the “teens” or “men/women” categories in my blog posts. Well, in case anyone cares, I have decided to put them in both categories. So, for instance, you can find my previous post about Tremaine Michael Peek in “teens,” “teen boys” and “men.”

I’m not sure whether to also double-file “infants” and “children.” I suppose I might as well.

Article about Tremaine Peek

I found this article about the disappearance of Tremaine Peek, an eighteen-year-old who’s been missing from Cocoa, Florida for three years last month. I’m kind of surprised no arrests have been made in this case. It’s obvious the young man was murdered and the police even have witnesses — albeit ear-witnesses, not eye-witnesses. A neighbor heard a gunshot and saw Tremaine being carried out of the apartment. Tremaine’s girlfriend was talking to him on the phone and she also heard a gunshot. She went to his apartment and his roommates said they’d taken him to the hospital, which turned out to be untrue. No prizes for guessing what actually happened.

Perhaps the police are just biding their time to put a strong case together. One of the suspects in Tremaine’s disappearance is in jail right now for another violent crime.

Charley makes the news again

This time it’s the Lebanon Daily News in Lebanon, Pennsylvania, about the disappearance of twelve-year-old Eric Pyles, who will have been missing for ten years tomorrow. See the article here.

Eric’s younger brother actually disappeared as well, several years ago. He ran away from home. He turned up about a week later if I recall correctly. As for Eric, maybe he might have run away, but it seems unlikely that he would have, or could have, stayed underground of his own accord for this long. If he is alive I hope he calls his sister.

Memorial service for Jeffrey Gunderson

The family and friends of Jeffrey Gunderson, who’s been missing since 2008, are holding a memorial service for him tomorrow. Little information is available in this case; it seems like the guy just vanished into thin air. It says in the article that he was declared legally dead this past March, less than two years after his disappearance. I’m surprised they were able to do that so soon. There doesn’t seem to be any hard evidence that Gunderson is dead, although his family and his longtime girlfriend are convinced of that.

Infant’s body identified…a very sad case

The police in Amarillo, Texas have identified the body of little Miguel Nunez, who was approximately eight months old when he disappeared in 2004. I didn’t have him on Charley and had, in fact, never heard of the case before. This is because his father, Robert Sanchez Nunez, had been trying for years to conceal the reasons for Miguel’s absence, claiming he was in Mexico, he was with relatives, etc. Meanwhile, Miguel’s body was hidden in an ice chest in somebody’s attic.

Because of decomposition, the authorities could not determine the cause of death. Right now the only thing they’ve got on Robert is perjury, for testifying falsely that Miguel was alive. I highly doubt this baby died of natural causes, though, and I hope they can find some way to make Robert pay for whatever role he played in Miguel’s death.

Blog entry about Andrea Gonzalez case

People You’ll See in Hell, a blog I visit frequently and comment on from time to time, has written a blog entry about Kim and Paul Gonzalez, who were convicted in the disappearance and presumed murder of Andrea, who was Paul’s daughter and Kim’s stepdaughter. It doesn’t say, but they may very well have used Charley as a source. It’s worth a read, anyway. So go over there and send Kim and Paul to Hell by popular vote.