Treat MP family members as crime victims?

I found this article out of Scotland that mostly talks about a specific disappearance, but also about the idea of providing services for the families of missing people, such as counseling etc., the same services victims of a crime already get:

Families whose loved ones disappear have no automatic access to emotional or practical support. They also face a legal and financial minefield without access to bank accounts or, in some cases, life insurance.

They don’t know whether the vanished are dead or alive, if they disappeared voluntarily or have been taken.

Missing People want every region to have a missing persons co-ordinator, counsellors to be made available by local authorities, every family to have a single point of contact in the police force, all unidentified bodies to be cross-matched with missing persons reports and every family of a missing person to be signposted by the police to Missing People’s free emotional, practical and legal support services.

Which all sounds very well and good, but the fact is that there are a LOT of missing people out there. Something like 800,000 missing persons reports are filed every year in the US. I know a lot of those are cleared up within a day or two, and a lot of those reports are repeat filings for people who habitually drop out of sight, but I would be concerned about strains on the system and prohibitive costs etc.

Thoughts, anyone?

Fan mail…emphasis on “mail”

I got a letter today addressed to “The Charlie Project.” Inside were some notebook pages written on in marker, inquiring about the Billy Gaffney case and do I have any further resources about the boy’s tragic murder. The letter-writer says he lost a seven-year-old brother once and Billy apparently reminds him of his brother.

I can certainly supply those resources, but I am scratching my head. Why did the author not simply email me, and save the cost of a stamp?