Heidi Allen’s sister is writing a book

According to this article (more than a month old, but I didn’t see it before now), the older sister of Heidi Marie Allen is writing a memoir of her experiences and hopes to publish it. Heidi was 18 when she disappeared from the convenience store where she worked in New Haven, New York in 1994. Two brothers were tried for her kidnapping. One was convicted, the other acquitted. No one was charged with murder and Heidi’s body, or conclusive evidence of her death, has never been found. So the sister, Lisa Buske, has been writing this book, which is thus far untitled. It says in the article, published October 30, that she hopes to have it finished by Thanksgiving. So it could be done by now.

If it gets published I would like to read it. Another missing person’s relative’s memoir, A Rip in Heaven, about the Julie and Robin Kerry case, was awesome and I reviewed it favorably on Charley and on the book websites I frequent.