Another lawsuit threat *yawn*

Now another parental abductor is threatening to sue me for slander and libel and what have you, unless I remove the objectionable information within 24 hours. Yawn. I stopped counting some time ago, but I must have received over a dozen lawsuit threats by now. None of them have gone anywhere and most of them don’t require any action at all on my part. I get so sick of people misusing the terms “slander” and “libel.” Most people have absolutely no idea what those words really mean. And people who do know what they mean will bank on the idea that I don’t know, and will threaten me anyway. One woman was IN JAIL for KIDNAPPING her own child and her OWN LAWYER threatened to sue me because I dared to call her a kidnapper on my site. Yeah, whatever. Bring it on. Never heard from that guy again.

*imagining self before a judge*

“Well, to begin with, Your Honor, I put the information up in good faith. I received it from a credible source, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. It was also reported in several news agencies. I had every reason to believe this information was true, and, Your Honor, the plaintiff has yet to produce any evidence that it was not. Furthermore, Your Honor, the plaintiff’s identity was not firmly established for me until I was served with their suit. They never bothered to produce any proof that they were who they said they were. They just expected me to just blindly believe everything they told me — which is exactly what they have accused me of doing regards my other sources. Up until I got the papers, for all I knew, this could have been a twelve-year-old boy from Croatia who decided to pretend to be someone else and mess with my head. Under those conditions, Your Honor, it would be downright irresponsible for me to alter information I had posted on my site, which I had gotten from several identifiable and very reliable sources, and instead put up some “facts” that some random person on the internet told me (with many capital letters and even a few curse words in the second email, begging Your Honor’s pardon) was the truth…”

And, in other news, I’m sick again. I’ve got a wretched head cold and none of the usual over-the-counter things have helped. My nose is leaking like a faucet.