This is probably a useless effort, but…

Attention to people who think they’ve found unidentified bodies to match my missing people: DON’T ASK FOR MY OPINION. I’ve gotten many emails asking me to compare UIDs to MPs — two in the last week — and I must say it is pointless to send them to me. For three reasons, any of one of them strong enough to show that your time would be wasted:

1. I am not interested in making matches myself.
2. Even if I thought something was a match, it would mean nothing, as I have no authority to order DNA tests, contact families for dental records, etc. The police would need to be contacted in any case.
3. Last but not least, all people look alike to me. I once had to be introduced to the same person three times in half a day. This past spring I spent several happy hours in broad daylight hanging out with and interacting with a man I liked very much, having already met him once or twice before that time, and the two of us were alone together, then the next day I completely failed to recognize him (or get any sense of familiarity at all) when he approached me and spoke to me. So I am a very poor choice of person to try to make a UID/MP match.

Please do not waste your time and mine by sending me these emails. I applaud your noble efforts, they just need to be directed elsewhere because I can be of no assistance.

Of course, I get the feeling that the people that send me those emails do not read my blog, so probably it’s pointless to even post this. But I felt like venting a bit.