Skelton case brings back memories of older one

I’m sure everyone knows by now about the disappearances of Alexander, Andrew and Tanner Skelton. Their parents were in a custody battle and their father had abducted them before. Last week Dad took them for a visit and, he says, dropped them off with a lady friend so they wouldn’t see him kill himself. His suicide attempt failed, the boys are missing now and the police don’t think Skelton’s lady friend exists. This article provides a good summary.

This case reminds me very much of a 52-year-old one recently put on the NCMEC: Myrisha Campbell, age 3, and her 11-month-old brother, A.J. The children’s father, A.J. Sr., also took them for a visitation and then tried suicide — successfully in his case. Before he died he made statements to the effect that he had killed the children, and he said as much in his suicide note. In spite of an extensive search the two children’s bodies were never found. I suppose the NCMEC posted them in a last-ditch hope that the bodies might turn up and need to be identified. Their poor mother. I don’t know if she’s still alive. I can’t imagine how she managed to survive such a tragedy.

Nothing new under the sun.

Those poor kids — the Skelton boys and the Campbell children — look so cute and contented in their pictures. Sigh.

Eugene Losik found dead

Eugene Losik, a 25-year-old Massachusetts man who’d been missing since February, has been found dead near the Rowes Wharf in Boston. This isn’t too far from where he disappeared from. Eugene lived in Lawrence, but on the night of his disappearance he and his girlfriend were staying in a waterfront hotel in Boston. Eugene stepped out for a smoke in the wee hours and never came back.

The cause of death is unknown, but it seems to me that he probably just drowned. He had been to a party on the night of his disappearance and may have been drinking. Even if he hadn’t been, if he slipped and fell in the water, hypothermia would set in very quickly.

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