Who am I thankful for?

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, a holiday I’d much rather do without, since it involves eating and spending time with my family, two of my least favorite activities. However, in honor of this auspicious occasion, I would like to thank the following people that make the Charley Project possible. I may be ultimately responsible for every word that appears on the website, but I do get a lot of behind-the-scenes help. I would like to thank:

Michael, for adding untold strength and sweetness to my life. I live for you. I will love you forever.
Jenni, for starting it all. We’re no longer in touch and I don’t know where you are or what you’re doing or if you will ever read this, but I wish you well.
Dad, for paying for a five-year contract for my birthday.
Jeff, for being like the brother I never had, and for having sponsored the site for a number of years when I was a poor college student. (Hey, wait, I’m still a poor college student…)
Carl, for correcting me every time I calculate the MP’s age wrong.
Justin, for everything he passes my way, and for many long stimulating phone conversations.
Annie, for all the family abduction work that she does so I don’t have to.
Jaime and that person who calls him/herself Anonymous Anonymous, for the articles and pictures they send.
Lauran, for her friendship and for founding Porchlight International.
Gaelle, for her Unsolved in the News blog which I check every day.
Kelly, for making some good come out of a tragedy, founding Project Jason whose forums are invaluable to me.
And everyone else, all those who read my site and my blog and make it all worth doing.


Hear ye, hear ye! It has been settled by webmasterial decree that all forms of athletic footwear mentioned on the Charley Project, which are often referred to in terms such as “athletic shoes” or “tennis shoes” or “running shoes” or suchlike will henceforth be dubbed “sneakers.” This is because, in the webmaster’s opinion, tennis shoes look like this and athletic/running shoes can mean a lot of things, but sneakers is a convenient catchall term. In the near future the webmaster shall go through the site and locate all alternative terms and change them to “sneakers.”

*rolls up scroll, puts away trumpet and walks off*