Gaaahh update

The poor woman — whom I will refer to as S. — is being very polite, but clearly desperate to get her name off the missing lists. She asked for my help and I decided to give it, since she was being nice.

I discovered that Brian of Brian’s Dreams — a self-proclaimed psychic who’s copied a lot of my website onto his own, though to be fair he does include a link at the bottom — was the one who had S. listed as missing. I tried to find Brian’s contact info and discovered — as near as I can tell — that you had to become a member of the site to get that information. And this costs $50.

I didn’t want to pay $50 and I didn’t think S. did either, so I looked up Brian’s domain registration and found a phone number. The woman who answered said she knew him. I told her about S.’s problem and she laughed and said “she needs to get over herself.”

I was a bit shocked. I don’t think S. should be blamed for getting upset that she’s listed as a missing person when she isn’t one. I said that. The woman said that, in any case, there was nothing she could do to help. Brian, she says, is in the hospital and nobody can update the site but him. Could she pass on a message? I asked. Well, yes, but it’s not going to do any good, because not even Brian’s wife knows how to update the site in his absence. Finally I said goodbye, wrote to S. and sent her the woman’s phone number. It’s really all I can do. I feel bad for her.

Why does this always happen to me?

I HATE THAT BRIAN PERSON. He’s copied my casefiles word for word (which really isn’t cool, even if he does put a link in) and he charges money for “psychic readings” and more money just for his stupid email address. *headdesk*

Good luck, S. I think you may have to struggle a bit more.

(Oh, and in case you’re wondering, I have some contingency plans in case I am not around to update my website. Got a friend who knows the password and can make alterations for me if I die or something.)


Some woman has been writing me the past several days asking to be taken off my site because she’s not missing anymore. I actually removed her years ago, I believe. But the casefile, when it was on Charley, was copied and pasted by others to various different forums and websites and she wants me to remove THOSE. I have explained, very patiently, that I’ve got nothing to do with that and can do nothing about it. I hope she understands and doesn’t go off on me. This is yet another reason why I don’t like people copying my stuff nilly-willy.

The people that write to me sometimes are, well, unbelievable. One woman asked me to remove her daughter’s casefile (she wanted closure or something, I don’t know). She sent me five or six emails in less than 24 hours, each time growing more belligerent. By the third email she was threatening to sue; by the last one she was using a lot of capitals. Accused me of ignoring her and demanded to know what my problem was. I wrote back asking what HER problem was that she couldn’t give me even a day to take care of this, and no, for her information, I wasn’t ignoring her, I was offline eating and sleeping and reading and watching movies and doing all the other things I do with my life. Shocking as it may sound, I am not on the computer 24/7. She wrote back again, as if I hadn’t written her at all, once more accusing me of ignoring her and being insensitive and inconsiderate and what have you. What. Ever. I did remove the casefile the next time I updated — about 30 hours after she sent the first email. Which would be fast enough for anyone except her.

I try very hard not to judge people with missing family members, even when they act inappropriately, because I know they are under stress I can’t even comprehend. But sometimes they really try my patience nonetheless.

More details in Scott Coville case

I found this article that provides more details in the 1988 murder of Scott Coville. His wife, Jane, admitted that she shot him in bed and dismembered his body with an ax. It was probably incinerated. Jane has pleaded to second-degree murder. She could face up to 99 years in prison.

Shooting a guy who’s asleep in bed is COLD.