3 thoughts on “More Elizabeth Smart testimony

  1. danielle November 8, 2010 / 10:57 pm

    It’s soooo hard to think of Elizabeth Smart begging him not to rape her but he did b/c they were “married”. Just scares me now I can’t imagine how she felt. Bless her

    • Meaghan November 9, 2010 / 12:00 am

      Elizabeth is a very strong person. I admire how she didn’t let this get her down. I mean, she could have just stopped living. But she’s in college now, and has a boyfriend, and is doing really well from what I’ve heard.

  2. Christine November 10, 2010 / 7:37 pm

    What a brave, strong willed girl she is. He may have violated her body, but he certainly did not take her spirit or soul. She is truly an amazing girl.

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