Female jawbone found at Michigan construction site

Workers at a construction site in Manistee, Michigan, a hundred miles from Grand Rapids, found a fragment of human jawbone buried in the dirt at a construction site. They think it’s at least 10 years old. Some accounts say it’s a child’s jawbone, and others that it’s a teen or young adult under 30. Naturally they’re going to look closely at the site to see if they can uncover more remains. Apparently there are no open missing children’s cases from the area. However, a few accounts say there were Native American burial grounds nearby and so the jawbone could be ancient.

I suppose more information will come up when the police find out more. The NCMEC has 14 girls from Michigan who’ve been missing ten years or more. I’m not even going to bother to count the number of young women from Michigan who are on Charley. My guess, though, is that this is probably just some long-dead Indian girl’s remains.

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