A little shred of info here and there

I put Taranika Raymond‘s name into Newslibrary again today and found what I think is her brother’s obituary from June 2005. It’s from the New Orleans Times-Picayune:

Darnell Quintrell “Hell” Dorsey, a student at First Ward High School in Pine Bluff, Ark., died Saturday of gunshot wounds at Porter and Johnson streets. He was 17. Mr. Dorsey was born in New Orleans and lived in Pine Bluff. Survivors include his companion, Angelia Holiday; a daughter, Amiah Dianna Dorsey; his mother, Betty Dorsey; his stepfather, Kenneth Johnson; two brothers, Charles Raymond Jr. and Terrell Dorsey; two sisters, Taranika Raymond and Marion Dorsey; and his grandparents, Betty Cheneau and Simmuel Raymond Sr.

I looked up Darnell’s name and discovered that he was arrested for murder less than a year before his disappearance. The press release notes his address as north Derbigny Street — the same street Taranika lived on; presumably they lived together. He would have only been about seven years old at the time of her disappearance. I wonder what happened with the murder charge. I think it must have been dropped or something. If Darnell was awaiting trial for murder they would hardly have let him attend high school out of state.

It sounds like Taranika lived in a very troubled home. I hope she really did run away and has a better life now, but the passage of time since her disappearance and her young age — she was thirteen — makes me wonder if she is dead.

New details released in Ashley Freeman/Lauria Bible investigation

After a long dry spell, the disappearances of sixteen-year-olds Lauria Bible and Ashley Freeman are back in the news. It was an incredible case. Lauria was spending the night at Ashley’s family’s trailer in Welch, Oklahoma on December 30, 1999. That night the trailer was set on fire, Ashley’s parents were killed and the two girls vanished without a trace. Since then there have been many rumors and a long list of suspects, but no solid leads.

Well, nearly eleven years after the kidnaps/arson/murders, the police are releasing details about two vehicles seen in the vicinity of the crime scene around the time the first broke out. They are hoping someone will remember something, though I don’t see how a person could remember a passing vehicle after over a decade.

The Oklahoman
The Tulsa World

Article about missing boys from Belfast in 1974

I found this article about Thomas Spence and John Rodgers, who’ve been missing from Belfast in Northern Ireland 36 years this month. They used to have NCMEC posters, but I can’t find them anymore. The two boys, who were 11 and 13, just vanished without a trace. (And no, their disappearances are not believed to be connected to the Troubles.)

The police seemed to be making progress in their cases, working on a pedophile theory, and actually arrested a 69-year-old man for the boys’ murders nine years ago, but the case never went anywhere and I don’t know if the suspect was ever exonerated or is even still alive. Now it seems everyone is clueless again. Thomas’s parents still live in Belfast. I don’t know about John Rodgers’s family.

It’s the kind of case I wish I could put on Charley. I would totally do international cases if I weren’t swamped already.

Lynsie Ekelund’s body probably found

A few days ago I wrote that they’d charged a man in the murder of Lynsie Ekelund. Well, it looks like they have found her remains in a canyon in the Santa Clarita Valley. Presumably the accused killer, Christopher McAmis, lead the police to the gravesite.

It will take awhile to confirm the identification, but I highly doubt this is anyone but Lynsie.